Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2009

depressed and binging

I'm sorry, I haven't had the time to update. My eating was crazy the last week, i'm really ashamed. When I'm at home and I have everything under conrol, only healthy food in my fridge and my appartment organized, everything goes well. I keep my calories in check and do my exercise. But (and there comes the big but (and maybe also the big butt *lol*)) when I get depressed my appartment is a mess (like right now), I feel the urge to binge (like the past days) and I am totally out of control. I don't want to face the scale right now, I feel like an idiot, because I am not capable of keeping my emotions under control.
I want to be thin so bad!!!
And what do I do??!?
I'm trying really hard to get out of my binge mode. I really need to clean my apartment and get myself together. I have so much things to do, I'm going on a week-end trip in two days and I need to do some laundry. I so depressed, I don't even want to go on vacation right now. I'll have to eat there, and I know it's going to be hard not to binge. I'm going with a friend who had an eating disorder once, and I can't make her suspicious in any way. I have to pretend that I'm completely normal. Well, I have to get through this. Right now I'm in such a bad mood..


  1. Stay strong, I'm sure if you clean your apartment and look at some thinspo pictures and listen to some ana songs, you'll get back under control, you can do it :)

  2. Yah, we all feel a little off somedays. Just try and not let your surroundings effect your eating.. it's hard, but i know you can do it!! Gud Luck!

  3. i'm sorry. its def. hard to control any emotions when you're depressed. Maybe find some distraction? I hope you get feeling better before your vacation