Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2009

meal plan

after a lot of research, ich came up with this meal plan:
(I'm starting tomorrow, thursday october 29th btw)

breakfast: 1 egg OR low fat ham/cheese, vegetables of choice, 1 cup of coffee
snack: 10 almonds
lunch: 1 egg OR low fat ham/cheese, vegetables of choice
snack:  1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese
dinner: 1 chickenbreast or turkey, salad with balsamic vinaigrette

This a approximately under 800 calories, depending on the choices I make with the vegetables and portion sizes.
But I limit my intake to 800 cal. a day.
I'm also allowed to have sugar-free gums/hard candy. But because I'm eating 5 times a day, I won't binge on them, I suppose.
I hope eating so often will keep me from binging in general. As you may know I'm mostly a binge eater/bulimic. If you are anorexic and reading this, you might think "oh my god, eating 5 times a day is a lot" and yes I think too that it is a lot, but I hope it is the right strategy to keep me from binging.
So tell me what you think, I hope I'll be successful with this plan and lose the weight a little quicker.
Take care my lovely readers,

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  1. your plan sounds healthy and pretty safe. eating several times a day definitely helps me not to binge. try keeping only 'safe' foods around .. that way if you want to binge it won't be on too many calories.