Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

my new inspiration - cassie from skins

I recently dicovered the TV show Skins. I know it's already "old" and they are up to their 4th season, but I did a marathon on watching the first and second season within 3 days. And oh my gosh I am totally in love with Cassie. And there is this song I am listenig to 24/7: This is my city , it is so beautiful. I can't get it out of my head.

Since tomorrow is March 1st, I am longing for a fresh start. My roommate is moving out tomorrow and my new roommate is staying at her boyfriends until eastern, she will be here just for a few days next week. So this means I have nobody watching my food intake, nobody wanting to cook dinner with me, nobody judging my emty fridge shelf. yay!!

I plan to work out every morning, doing the dvd by Jillian Micheals "30 Day Shred" (someone wanting to join me?).
My calorie intake will be limited to 800 per day.
And I planned to to lots of decluttering around my apartment
I have to get rid of a lot of junk and trash. I've been wanting to do this for ages.
Plus I have to study a lot.
I think it is the perfect plan to keep myself buisy and away from food.

I am praying that I'll stick to my resolutions and not messing up by b&p..
I think I just have to believe in myself that I can do this.
If I am negative about it or unsure already in the beginning I am clearly not going to stick to it.

I really hope I am back blogging for a while now.

Anyhow, I whish you all the best my lovely readers.

Freitag, 26. Februar 2010


I want to be thin

I want to be organized

I want to work hard

I want to be loved by someone

I want to be pretty

I want to be strong

I want to forget my past

I want to be free

Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

tuesday, 22:28 PM

days gone without purging: 3
Day 3 on the 30 Day Shred

food intake today:
bf: coffee/milk 73 cal
l: wasa cracker 41 cal
low fat cream cheese 30 cal
d: salad + vinaigrette 117 cal
poached egg 84 cal
whole wheat toast 68 cal
low fat yogurt 158
(= 571 cal)

hey girls,
I'm in such a good mood today, listening to this: Pixie Lott - Mama Do
I'm still sticking to my exercise and my eating was much better today.
Yesterday evening I had a small binge on chocolate cake (leftovers from my roommate aaarg!!! it was 250 cal).
I don't know what it is, but the evenings are always so hard.
Throughout the day everything is just fine and then in the evening the cravings kick in.
So I decided to work my way through to having breakfast in the morning. I read that having breakfast should help, I'm not sure but I'll give it a go. Oh and I also read that if you eat breakfast the body burns more calories throughout the day, not sure if that's true either.
So far I have no cravings tonight. But we'll see the next days.
But I feel after today I'm finally back on track with my eating. Maybe it took the last 3 days of overeating a little, to finally get there.
so thats it for today..

Montag, 1. Februar 2010

Monday, 12:23

Days gone without purging: 2

Day 2 on the 30 Day Shred

yesterdays intake:

coffee/milk 99 cal
cherry yogurt 158 cal
1 slice whole wheat toast 134 cal
1 tsp horseradish 6 cal
1 small slice smoked salmon 51 cal

couscous and veggies, shrimps 426 cal

(982 cal altogether)

intake today so far:

I did the work out this morning and it was good but exhausting. My legs were shaking when I took my shower, it's a good feeling because I know I challenged myself and worked hard.
I am not satisfied with my eating though. I had a regular dinner with my roommate and her boyfried yesterday and even if we had a rather healthy meal i felt stuffed afterwards and I wanted to purge really bad. But I'm glad I didn't.
I hope the exercise is paying off real soon and I will se my weight drop down.
Oh I forgot I had ginger tea yesterday and it was really good.

Here is the recipe:
I took approx. a 2-inch piece of freh ginger root and 4 cups of boiling water. I peeled the root and sliced it into thin sclices. Then I took half an apple, peeled it (if you have an organic one you can skip that step) and again sliced it into small pieces. I gave everything into a tea pot (also the boiling water) and left it to draw for 10 minutes.

This tea is perfect for winter. Its spicy and a little sweet. And it's supposed to help with weight loss.
Wohoo ginger.. :)

I'm off to studying..