Freitag, 20. Mai 2011

getting myself together

After yoga and a long meditation this morning I started to feel a little better.
I think, there are a lot of things going on emotionally with me that I am not as concious about as I thought.
I am in a difficult situation with my "best (and only) friend" right now, who basicly told me that I am a horrible person. Since then we are tiptoeing around each other. I act like it never happened, she is probably waiting for a reaction on my part, not sure what to expect from me. I am still hurt and unsure how to fix the situation.
Plus I am under a lot of pressure with university. I basicly have to work my ass off to meet my expectations and graduate this summer. I have to juggle my part time job as well, as I am basicly providing for myself on my own.
Everything in my life right now feels overwhelming. I am looking for the "pause-button" to take a deep breath and reload my energy.
Maybe I should give myself a week-end off, just to really figure things out and what I want in life.
It might be a good idea to reconnect with myself, to find out what my goals are and where I want to go in the future.
I felt so confused in the last few weeks and maybe a few days off will give me the opportunity to refocus.
If I am not sure of what I want how am I going to achieve anything, right?

thank you very much for your kind words. It means a lot to me that you took time to leave me your inside on things. A lot of the things that you said really hit home and made me realize that I am indeed in charge of my life. Starting to believe in myself is probably the most needed lesson I need to learn.
It does help very much to know that there are people out there who understand, it makes me feel a little less crazy :)
Thank you very much again,

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  1. :)
    good luck with school and your job and with your friend. (she should really apologize)

    You can do it!