Samstag, 7. Mai 2011


I'm really grumpy today. It is such a nice weather out today, but I am still laying in bed at 2 PM ...aaarg!!
I feel sick, I am dehydrated but my legs won't move.
I don't know if I lost weight in the last few days, because I feel bloated, I think I'm having PMS but it is way to early! I do feel a slight pain in my lower belly, I don't know..
I've been doing okay food wise, but I am always thinking I can do better, eat less.
I am not stepping on the scale though, I am too scared I could be dissapointed. Just a few more days.

Here is my food plan by the way:

bf: 1 apple and coffee

l: green salad, cucumber and tomato w/ balsamic vinegrette, 3 tbsp cottage cheese

d: tiny portion of brown rice, veggies in vegetable broth

that sums up to about 500 calories.
This is me trying to eat healthy but still low calorie, what do you think?

I whish you a wonderful and succesful day.

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