Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

Healthy skinny girl diet

 I am back.

Honestly, I knew in the back of my mind that I would come back to this blog, even though I tried to eat healthy and "normal". I've gained weight. I don't know how much, but I am going to weigh myself first thing tomorrow morning. Aside from my eating I feel so much out of control right now and I think a diet is just what I need right now to regain that sense of control. How practical is it that tomorrow is actually Monday and I can start the following diet:

Has anyone ever seen this diet? Or even tried it. If so I'd be happy if you leave me a comment :)

I planned out a binge today, which I know is kind of cotraproductive but I want to get rid of all the unhealthy foods in my house, half a chocolate cake, fatty cheese and bread are all mine tonight. 
I'll post my weight tomorrow and also my daily intake.


  1. Good luck with the diet darling! I've never tried it so I'm pretty interested in it :)

    Hope everything goes well!

  2. Looks like a very reasonable and do-able diet, good luck darling!