Sonntag, 7. März 2010

sunday, March 7th

hello my lovely ladies,

just an update on my life and how I'm doing.
I have struggled to keep my food down this week, especially with having a lot of people around, dinners with friends (who the hell ever thought inventing an "all you can eat"-restaurant was a good idea ?!?) and meals with my new roommate and her boyfriend. It is so hard to be social and not staying at home all day. Regarding my eating I really want to isolate myself as much as possible. But regarding my depression I need to be around people and out of my room.
I feel like I lost weight (haven't stepped on the scale yet and I'm not going to until I feel like I lost some more weight), but it is a slow process.
Tonight I'm going out to the movies, watching a swedish crime thriller and I'm excited to go. No popcorn for me though, just water.
Tomorrow will be back to normal, working for the whole day in my room (I'm even thinking about going to the library to work there). I'm planning to have coffe in the morning, then having a little fruit and veg all day and having dinner with my roommate: shrimps and veggies + salad. Or salmon and salad. We'll see.
Not more then 800 calories, period.
And I'm gonna work out in the morning, starting the 30 Day Shred dvd again.
30 days, every day, that's my goal.

I hope everybody is doing great,
I'll update hopefully soon.

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