Samstag, 2. Januar 2010

Day #1 of my 10-day juice fast

Ugh there are so many people in my appartment right now, because my roommate has so many friends to visit. I seriously don't know how they all sleep in her tiny little room all together.
They'll be gone by tomorrow, thank god.
So my first official day of my fast went okay. I had a glass of orange juice in the morning (97 cal) and just finished a glass of tomato juice (40 cal), so that's a total of 137 calories.
I feel a little sick right now after the tomato juice..don't know why.
But I am very glad I had no slip ups. My roommate filled our fridge with fatty foods and alcohol. But I am not going to eat it!
She bought a gorgeous cake with cherries and vanilla fudge, i didn't touch a piece of it. And did I mention all the sweets and snacks laying around? I was avoiding the kitchen as much as I could today.
I stumbled over a picture of my body today, that I shot this summer. That gave me a lot of motivation to stick to my fast. I never want to go back there.
I had huge binges back then, I ate like 3000 cal in one sitting. And now, over the holidays I was full after eating half a sandwich. My stomach wouldn't be able to even carry such huge amounts of food, which I am very thankful for. Ugh I'm getting sick by thinking about it.

Well I think i have nothing else to talk about for today..
I hope you are all doing alright.
Take care,



  1. It's so hard to stay in control when the people living with you have all that junk food around, so well done you :) x

  2. Hello lovely! Thanks for the comment on my master cleanse post. My exams are over 3 weeks Thursday! :D
    Good luck with your juice fast,
    Love Kiks xx