Sonntag, 29. November 2009

update on the previous week aka week one of the chrismas challenge

my lovely ladies,

i dissapointed you..

one pound.. only one pound of weight loss

this is freakin' not good enough!!!

But to start from the beginning..
I had a pretty stressful week, I was very buisy, but not buisy in that kind of way that I wanted to.
University was so stressful, I had to do an assignment together with a group of people I haven't worked with before. It was pure choas and I was so angry with one of them, because he didn't communicate and wanted to do everything on his own. He was so self-centered even the other people noticed. But due to the little time we had, we had to make it work somehow.The professor was satisfied, which was surprising, because I thought we didn't do a good job at all. But well..
Friday and Saturday I had a seminar all day, which was exhausting.

All in all my week was chaotic, I didn't have time to work out and my meal plan was all over the place.

Today though I woke up at 6 am and went for a run. The air was fresh and chilly and it was raining a little, but I was enjoying it so much. My body was basicly screaming for exercise.
I love to go running in the morning, when everybody still is asleep, just the empty streets and me. The fresh morningair. When the birds begin to sing and slowly the sun's awsome. I feel like I could coquer the world.
After the run I did a session of pilates and then went under the shower.
I'm still in this rush, I feel energized and just... good.
It is this feeling of knowing that I'm moving forwards to my goal.
That I'm doing something.
Now I'm sitting in front of my computer with a bowl of apple- and orange-pieces and a coffee, my breakfast. Later that day I'm going shopping for a coat, I hope I'll find a nice one for winter.
I really hope I'm doing better next week.
I have no classes all week, so it's not such a crazy stressful week as it was last week.

I hope y'all doing good.


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  1. Have you seen Dandelion Girl's (glitter in the wind) idea for December? You should check it out. Lovely idea, I think.