Donnerstag, 12. November 2009

I'm going swimming tonight

Hey guys,
tonight I'm facing one of my fears and go to a public swimming pool. I have a friend by my side, but still I hate beeing half naked in a public place.
Eating wise I'm doing the best I can. I'm staying under 800 calories, which is good but it feels not good enough.
I am not sure wether I should keep this roommate dinner thing or not. On the other side I do not want to be rude by skipping out on it every night and I kind of wanna build a friendly relationship with her. And we mostly just see each other for dinner. Well, I have to think about it. At least I'm always having an eye on eating less than her. And my roommate is thin.

I will also think about making a list of "safe foods", that I can eat, when I'm feeling the urge to binge.
Thank you for the tip Weighting2Escape.

So I'm off to look for my bathing suit..

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