Sonntag, 20. September 2009

sunday morning post

I've been doing good, but still my weight isn't changing which is disappointing. I think I have to change my plan maybe. Yesterday I went for a walk with my friend J who came to visit. We took a long walk, which was nice. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Later I cooked for him, I made a salat, cooked veggies and some pasta. I think he noticed that I didn't eat much of the pasta, but he didn't say something. Then we went to the movies and watched a funny kids movie, because we were late to the theater and the movie we originally inteded to watch already started. But it was still fun.
My plan for today (after my coffee, which I'm having right now) is to do Yoga and then do some cleaning in my appartment, I have a lot on my to-do-list. I think I'm going to do some bycicling later this day. It's a good workout and I can enjoy the nice weather.
So enjoy the day ladies and stay strong!

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