Freitag, 18. September 2009

stucked on 179

Also today my weight didn't move. Dinner was okay yesterday evening. My mom made wholegrain- vegetable-pancakes and they where lowfat with tzaziki dip. I had half of a pancake and just a little of the dip. During the day I had coffee (44cal), an apple (60cal) and cucumbersoup with shrimps (198cal), for the pancake I'll count 350 calories. This adds up to 652 calories for the day.
I'm really hoping to lose two more pounds until next week. Unfortunately a friend is visiting me on saturday which means I'll have to eat something with him during the day. Maybe I'll cook for him. That's better than going to a restaurant where I can't be sure how much oil and other crap they put into their food.
I'm a little stressed out about college lately. I have a big assignment to do and I haven't started yet. I don't feel confident that I'm gonna do a good job on this and it's driving me nuts! I'll just have to do it I guess. I hate failure and I'm a pefectionist so it is not acceptable for me to not do good.
Well, enough of that.
I whish everybody a successful weekend!
Be strong girls!

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