Dienstag, 15. September 2009


I'm sailing to thinisland..but trust me there is a long way ahead of me.
I'm far from beeing thin at the moment and I hate it. So I sat down today and decided that now is the time and I need to devote everything to my goal. Not that I haven't tried in the past, but I haven't tried enough. This blog is hopefully helping me to remind me of my goals and keeps me staying on track.
A bit about me and my life:
I am 24, I am a student and I live by myself in an appartment, which has its good and bad sides.
I have bulimic episodes since the last 3 years, i've given up the purging (I'm tempted to do it still, but I'm trying not to) but the binges are still happening. I usually try to fast afterwards, but still I hate binging and it's causing me weightgain.
At the time my weight is ridiculously heigh. I weigh 180 lbs, it is simply disgusting. My goal weight is 120 lbs ( I'm a 5'8 by the way).
Most of this weight I gained throughout the last 3 years, before i weighed "healthy" 145 lbs and thanks to my binging and purging i gained 35 pounds.
So that's it for today, i'll write somemore about me in the next post.
Until then, Thinisland here I come!

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