Donnerstag, 14. Oktober 2010

Success I like your sweet taste

I successfully finished my first day yesterday!
I stayed in my calorie range, even though the evening was a little hard, because I was really hungry by 7 o'clock, i felt like eating all my low fat yogurts that i bought earlier that day. But I did't. yay!

I woke up this morning, not hungry at all (mornings are the bests aren't they?) in a really good mood, then talked with my mom on the phone. I really enjoyed talking to my mom, but she starts to go on my nerves when she calls me to often. I am having a job interview this afternoon although I don't know if I want to do the job. But I'll see what the women has to say and what kind of tasks she is expecting me to do. I bet they pay really badly and expect me to do a lot. I'd like a job, that is a little more calm. But I keep looking, I don't have to take it right away right?

Okay so I am off to do some cleaning in my appartment.
The safe food list is still to come, I don't have the time right now to type it up.
But I'm gonna do that maybe later in the day.

yay I don't know I am just happy today, everything is in order.
Maybe I even succeed in eating less calories than yesterday..

hope you have a good day.


  1. Good work staying in your cals & resisting the yoghurts! Good luck with the interview- Stay strong! xxx

  2. Yay! Good job on your first day! And I'll cross my fingers for the interview for ya! :)
    Think thin,

    -Molly <3