Mittwoch, 2. März 2011

about a boy, amsterdam and weight loss plan

Life has been..a little crazy i guess.

Well, I've met a boy last year before i stopped blogging.
It didn't work out but hey that's life.
He wanted me to gain weight, which basically made me eat nothing.
I mean seriously..I am far away from skinny and then you want me to gain weight?
So we broke up, not because of this issue but it was one of them.
Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever find someone compatible to me.
I guess I am just attracting the wrong kind of guys.

Right now I am trying to get back to where I left of with my plan back in october last year.
I mean I lost 10 lbs since then but I've been avoiding the scale and I feel like I've gained weight. Which makes me really mad, but I have had a lot of binge cravings lately (and giving into them obviously).
I am probably replacing sex with food. Bad bad, very bad!!

But I am looking forward to go on a trip to Amsterdam with a few girlfriends soon. I can't wait to go, but I want to lose a good amount of weight before I go.
How much do you think is possible for me to lose in one month?
I am aiming for 15 lbs.
I'll be fasting for 5 days next week (or longer if I can) and then I am trying to stick to a "healthy" non processed food diet, low in fat, sugar and of course calories. Combined with exercise I hope to lose the weight, so that I can have an awsome time in Amsterdam.
I'll be updating for sure in the next days.



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  1. You are an inspiration to me <3 Thank you, and keep blogging!!!!