Montag, 7. Juni 2010

life is expensive

I have basically been absent this long because my laptop broke and I had to give it away to a repair service. This majorly got on my nerves. For the last two weeks I had no internet access. I realized how much I relay on my laptop in day to day life. I never realized how much I am addicted to the Internet. I watch a lot of TV shows online and I feel like my hole life is in this little machine.. that actually sounds pretty sad.

Meanwhile I was very lazy with exercising, I did nothing during the last weeks. Eating wise it's been up and down. I had some bad days and some good. I can't even weigh myself, because my scale broke as well. Everything brakes lately in my household, it seems like I am haunted by some mad ghost or something.
I don't know if I lost any weight. I feel really bloated today because I am about to get my period and my hole body bloats like a balloon (hate it! don't want to leave the house). However I can't affort to buy a new scale because I had to pay for my laptop reperation and I don't have a lot of money left. I hate to have not a lot of money. I can't wait to finish my degree at university and finding a job.
I did not eat very much today so far, I had coffee, a little apple juice and a banana. I think I'm gonna eat a salad or soup for dinner. I love spinach salad and asparagus these days. A pound only has 60 calories and I normally eat half of that.
I think I'm gonna eat steamed asparagus and spinach salad tonight. Yum!
I drizzle a little balsamic vinegar and put some parsley over it and it is really good and filling.
Tell me your favorite "skinny meals" if you like.

I'll talk write to you soon ( I'm so glad to be back!)

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