Donnerstag, 19. August 2010

moderation is somehow the key

Well, it has been a while since my last post. What happened was, I got really sick last week, my mother actually had to come by and pick me up. I stayed at my parents house for the last week and I basicly couldn't eat much, only fruit and soup and some light meals. By the end of the week I stepped on the scale and I lost 5 pounds!!
Yay!!! 5 freakin pounds.. i don't know why I was (or still am) so excited about 5 pounds but anyway..
since then I have been the queen of control. I eat 1000 calories per day and I am losing weight. It is a miracle. Like something clicked inside me. I am not tempted to binge at all. For example tonight: I was at home alone, watching TV and normaly this would be the perfect opportunity for me to binge. I was kind of thinking about it, too. But then I thought to myself: "Eating? Right now? Forget it, don't even think about it. I am not going to do it anyways!" I took a bottle of water instead and that was it. No binge. I feel like I am in control and somehow having a balance. I clearly see how I lost weight on my stomack already. Tomorrow I am going to weigh myself again and hopefully I'll be happy with the results.
I'll let you know soon,

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  1. that five pounds was a great motivation for you :) keep it up!