Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010

may 4th, I am back again

It's been a while, but I am back and kind of motivated.
I watched all 6 seasons of the Hills this weekend (after beeing completely hung over from friday night). I find this show somewhat stupid, but the girls and fashion in it is inspiring.
I googled Lauren Conrads diet and work out.
She is eating pretty healthy, lots of fruit and vegetables, lean protein, beans and lentils at a max. of 1,500 calories. No carbs after breakfast. She is working out twice a week, doing weight training and some cardio.
I think she is pretty thin, especially on the cover of shape magazine. On other pictures her thighs look a little big.
Here is my meal plan (not hers, i made up my own):

breakfast: fruits, a little carbs (whole wheat bread or oatmeal), coffee and skim milk
300 cal
lunch: salad with lean protein (fish or chicken breast)
300 cal
dinner: steamed veggies with fish or chicken or beans/lentils or high protein substitute
300 to 400 cal
snacks: low fat yogurt and almonds
150 cal

total calories for the day: 1000 to 1050 minus calories burned in work outs, at least 200 a day.
-> total calories: 800 to 850 or less

my rules are:
1. The only drinks aloud are water and tea.
2. If i have a snack in between lunch and dinner I'll only have 300 cal for dinner.
3. I have to work out every day at least for 20 minutes.
4. I can only spend 30 € in a week on food.
5. I have to prepare or plan my food in advance for everywhere I go.
6. I have to keep a food diary.

I want to lose at least 2-3 lbs a week.

What do you think? Good plan or bad idea to eat that much?

I already feel guilty rereading my meal plan.
Maybe I can forget about how much I eat when I see the weight drop consistently..(which is my major struggle - to be consistent and not fall back into b&p habits)

That' all for now.
Here are some pictures for you guys..


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